Petonito’s Pastry and Cupcake Shoppe makes a mouth-watering assortment of the classic Italian Pastry that everyone has come to know and love. From Cannolis, to Sfogliatella, to Pasticciotti to Eclairs, Cream Puffs and many more. No one can resist our homemade vanilla and chocolate Italian Cream that makes our pastries the best!

Who can possibly forget Zeppoles!!! This pastry is only around from January to March, but we sell thousands of them each year in honor of St. Joseph’s Day, a very special Italian Tradition!

We also make miniature pastry in an assortment which is great for centerpieces on the table for showers, weddings and parties. Our miniatures look beautiful on trays as well.

The Giant Cannoli

This has become a crowd pleaser. We take a giant cannoli and stuff it with 4 dozen mini cannolis. They can also be decorated with sprinkles to match your party or wedding colors or chocolate chips can also be added for fun too. We can even dip them in chocolate if you want!

Cannoli Dip

Cannoli chips and dip are so much fun! It makes such a nice addition to any party the host is throwing!

Specialty Cannolis

We offer many cool new Cannolis like the following:

Nutella, Chery Red Dip, The Purple Cannoli, The Rainbow Cannoli, Mounds Cannoli, Peanut Butter Cannoli, M & M Cannoli, Chocolate Covered, Oreo Cannoli, White Chocolate Cannoli and more!!