Petonito’s Pastry Shop was founded in 1954 by Mr. Salvatore Petonito. Sal and his wife Dolores ran the Pastry Shop for many years in East Haven. Sal took pride in everything that he baked and through his hard work and dedication has created an iconic landmark in the East Haven Community. His son Mark worked side by side his father for many, many years baking the delicious pastry, cookies and cakes that everyone has come to love, perfecting their recipes to make it the best place around to buy all of the Italian Classic Desserts.

Our family,  The Criscuolos were fortunate enough to be able to continue the fabulous traditions started by the Petonito Family 65 years ago by purchasing the Shop in January of 2019. We added our personal touches, like seeing a vision of purple when you walk in the door, we have created a new Bridal Suite and have added to the menu by creating specialty cannolis like cherry dip, chocolate covered peanut butter, cookies and cream, and Mounds to name a few. We have also added a gelato bar with 19 flavors, a cappuccino, coffee and espresso bar, cannoli bar, donuts, muffins, cupcake decorating nights, Mommy and Me decorating nights, Gelato Fundraisers, Charity and Community Events and last but not least a wide variety of our delicious cupcakes while still keeping all of the classic traditional items like Sal and Mark’s amazing Italian pastry, cookies and cakes that people remember and love and keep coming back for!

Our story at Petonito’s began many years ago in 1983 when Regina one of the owners was hired by Sal with her first job as a counter helper. Regina stayed for 11 years and soon Sal trained her how to make cookie trays, fill pastry, help in the kitchen and most importantly make and decorate the cakes and wedding cakes. It was at the bakery that she met her husband Michael who would come in each day for a pastry. Michael asked Regina out and after a month in a half they were engaged. They were married a year and a half after that, and have been together over 30 years. Regina left the bakery in 1994 when she was expecting their first child Amanda, their son Michael soon followed in 1997 and now we fast forward to 2019 where Regina and Michael and their children Amanda and Michael are very involved in the new Petonito’s Pastry and Cupcake Shoppe. They, along with their staff have continued to hold dear Sal and Mark’s beautiful traditions. This bakery holds a lot of special memories for the Criscuolos they have come full circle in their journey and have come back home where they belong and plan to stay for a very long time!